Absolut Daymoist Range
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Absolut Daymoist Range

Cruelty Free
Sulfate Free
Paraben Free

Types of Hair: Chemically damaged, Damaged, De-hydrated, Dull Hair

Active Ingredients: Daymoist CLR ™ – Hydrolyzed Cornstarchability, Beetroot extract, Aqua (Water)


For intense conditioning and glow

Repair damaged hair and hair elasticity

Ultimate SHINE

The absolute end to damaged hair. With maximum soothing power and ultra-hydrating action.

High performance hydrating finisher.

The action of the synergic complex of the Cornstarch and the Beet Extract, along with the exclusive Daymoist CLR™, restores the hair protecting the integrity of the Alfha Helix in charge of the keratin maintenance. It increases hair elasticity,

preserves colour and shine, protects from discolouring and prepares the hair for high temperature treatments.

The mask is developed with flower extracts and an unique formula containing ultra-hydrating Daymoist CLR™ for intense conditioning and glow, recovery of hair elasticity, easy combing and protection of hair damaged by the heat and from discolouring. INSTANT SHINE AND RESTORATION

Application Instructions

Daymoist Shampoo

Wash hair with Absolut Daymoist CLR ™ shampoo, massaging it into the hair to form lather. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation to get rid of any extra build-up and for proper cleaning.

Daymoist Conditioner

Apply Absolut Daymoist CLR ™ conditioner to damp hair. Distribute evenly by massaging strand for strand. Leave on for 3 to 5 min. Rinse thoroughly. Style as you wish.

Daymoist Mask

For intensive treatment, after washing with Absolut Daymoist CLR ™ shampoo, towel dry your hair and apply the Absolut Daymoist CLR ™ mask. Massage the mask through the hair strand by strand. Leave on for 15-20 min. Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired.