Inoar GHair



90% Volume Reduction | 99% Frizz Reduction | 3-Step Treatment

  • This treatment is a very powerful volume reducer.
  • This treatment can be used on hair ranging from fine to course and unruly.
  • The straightening effect here is much more pronounced.
  • Hair also eliminates frizz, makes hair more healthy and shiny
  • Cuts down managing & blow drying time drastically.
  • Not suitable for virgin hair
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • For better and prolonged results use INOAR After Care products

•  Incredible Shine
•  Straight
•  Manageable
•  Soft
•  Frizz-Free

  • Make sure to use Sulfate-free after care products
  • Do not use keratin/protein based after care products
  • INOAR’s Keratin Treatments are treatments with a straightening effect. Once heat is applied the hair will become increasingly straight.