Inoar Perfect Blonde Treatment



Perfect, Flawless Blonde Hair in 30 Minutes!

G.HAIR Perfect Blond is a treatment that promotes the restructuring of the hair, restores the Hair Fiber that was damaged during the colouring process and reduces the volume and frizz, all at the same time. Its unique combination of proteins, moisture & nutrition, make the hair stronger and resistant with amazing shine and beautiful vibrant colour. Suitable for those who have colour damaged hair and want to get full control of the hair, eliminate brassy & yellow tones.

  • Restores & Hydrates.
  • Neutralizes the yellow in blonde, grey & white hair.
  • Restores beautiful blonde colour.
  • Promotes Hair Growth.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Volume Reduction.
  • Frizz Reduction.
  • “Plump-up” the hair.
  • Manageable hair.
  • Reduces knots and easily detangles hair.
  • Adds Shine.


Does the same as b-perfect plus it restores, revitalize and corrects your colour – giving you the perfect blonde, grey or white hair colour you have been dreaming off.


  • PERFECT BLOND treatment may last 4+ weeks.
  • Use Inoar’s sulfate-free shampoos to maintain the treatment.
  • INOAR After Care range will pro-long treatment
  • DO NOT use keratin/protein/restore/repair after care.
  • MOISTURE after care should be used.
  • No fumes / odour / eye-burning
  • Works extremely well on chemically/coloured damaged hair.
  • May be done on virgin hair.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women. Consult Doctor first.