Inoar Plastica

Plastica Reconstructor “BOTO Hair” Keratin Treatment


30% Volume Reduction | 99% Frizz Reduction | 3-Step Treatment

Mix 1 part Keratin/collagen with 2 parts Reconstructor.

This revolutionary product combines essential proteins, collagen, and keratin to plump the individual hair shafts, removing 99% of frizz while adding luminous shine and body without removing the natural curl.

  • Defined, frizz-free voluminous hair
  • Not suitable for virgin hair
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Lasts up 2-3 months
  • For better and prolonged results use INOAR After Care products


  • Incredible Shine
  • Voluminous & Body
  • Manageable
  • Soft
  • Frizz-Free
  • Make sure to use Sulfate-free after care products
  • Do not use keratin/protein based after care products
  • INOAR’s Keratin Treatments are treatments with a straightening effect. Once heat is applied the hair will become increasingly straight.