Our Founder

Inocência Manoel, second daughter of Thomaz Manoel and Elza Brasil do Nascimento – of a total of seven, was born in the city of Alvorada do Sul, in the State of Paraná, but it can be said that the journey of the founder of the brand Inoar and real hair alchemist has roots in the city of Assis, in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, where she lived most of her life. Inô, as she is known, is graduated in Theology from the Universidade Estadual de São Paulo and also brings in her journey jobs as a journalist and television presenter. However, before that, her talent to work in the beauty area had already arisen. As a teenager, she used to create hairstyles and haircuts, and her personal dissatisfaction with her hair (very bulky and curly) was responsible for the real search for effective treatments to treat the hair. When she was only 15 years old, Inô opened up her own beauty salon, at her house backyard, and then not only her alchemist side would bloom, but also the visionary and enterprising side. Always on the go, an eternal searcher, Inô also had a small clothing factory, which helped her to maintain her dreams of creating her own brand one day. Inô devoted much of her time in search of products that could make her hair smooth, silky and offered her customers exclusive and different treatments that she herself prepared. As she was always interested in new trends, she decided to move to the city of São Paulo at the age of 24.
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In the capital, the startup of a new beauty salon, in an upscale neighborhood, with good clientele. However, it could not be a common salon. Inô was delivering more and started to sell her creams. It did not take long before a famous French hairdresser to discover the talent of that girl who seemed to have the most desirable formula of all times. Inô was always studying the formulas of the most revolutionary products while researching the actives in the domestic market to create a better and more affordable product. The success was so great, and the orders of her friend’s hairstylists were so many that her artisanal manufacturing was no longer enough. The evolution of hair treatments developed by Inocência Manoel resulted in the Moroccan Hair Treatment, known as Moroccan Straightening Treatment, which was even better than the Japanese Straightening Treatment – a great success on that time, however, too expensive. The Moroccan Straightening Treatment created by Inô was the first product of this kind in Brazil, something never seen before, an absolute success, which opens the foundation of the brand Inoar, a partnership of Inô with her son, the businessman Alexandre Nascimento. Since 1999, Inoar creates and manufactures dozens of lines of treatments for all hair types. The brand, for instance, was also the first to bring to Brazil the Argan oil, another top seller in the country. Being very professional and a workaholic, Inocência Manoel has another side that soon could be noticed: solidarity and a great will to help. Therefore, while her head is on the business, her soul stays with the Solidary Beauty project, from Inoar. The project is based in the city of Assis and it is itinerant, coming to the whole world through partnerships. Through the Solidary Beauty Project, women from disadvantaged communities are assisted and they attend courses so they can begin their own business. The purpose is to promote and encourage entrepreneurship in low-income groups, which hardly receive incentives. Thereby, Inô wants to share her history, tell all the women that they can be protagonists of their lives, and not accept a peaceful position facing difficulties. Through Solidary Beauty, Inô and Alexandre Nascimento do whatever they can to help people that really need, transforming not only hairs, but lives.