INOAR Divine Curls Conditioner 250ml

R340.00 incl. VAT

For normal drying or drying with a diffuser

Consist of a ‘No Poo’ Conditioner – Free of harmful chemicals that causes build up on hair, Mask and finishing Gel

Most amazing product that defines curls

Results: Less cumulative ingredients = natural and golden curls, less frizz

Types of Hair: Curly hair; Frizzy hair; Very dry/brittle hair; Fine Hair ; Hair that needs volume

Active Ingredients: Argan oil; Pequi oil; Macadamia oil; Linseed oil; Amino acids

Application Instructions: After washing with the shampoo, work conditioner into each strand and leave on for three minutes. Be sure to remove excess water with a cloth or paper towel, scrunching from tips to root.