Mission, vision and values

Inoar is inspired by you: consumer, customer, distributor, employee. Our reason for being is to create and sell innovative products and services that promote well-being and satisfaction and focus on quality, effectiveness, safety and socio-environmental responsibility, of the highest quality and at a price that is affordable for all our customers.

The company, a living organism, is a dynamic set of relationships. Its value and longevity are tied to its ability to contribute to the evolution of society, environmental care, respect for animals and sustainable development.

We have three pillars that guide all development work and working relationships between employees, suppliers, and consumers:

Respect for Animals

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One of Inoar’s main philosophies is respect for life. We believe that humans, animals, and the planet form a unit, and we renounce those who prioritize financial gain over the welfare of animals. Animals have innate value and are not resources. The way in which we care for them is a reflection of who we are. Our sense of compassion is based on the idea that we are one and that we are connected to all other species around us. Every act of cruelty against any creature is contrary to human dignity. All of our products undergo testing, but never on animals. Similarly, we do not use ingredients of animal origin in our compositions. Encouraging adoption through our campaigns over the years. No to animal testing. Inoar is on PETA’s “Caring Company” list. Our suppliers do not test on animals. Use of plant-based raw materials in all Inoar products. Certified vegan products.

Respect for the Environment

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Inoar prioritizes investments in systems for processing and optimizing the rational use of water and energy, with proper treatment of industrial waste. This earned us the 2015 and 2016 Chico Mendes seal for our commitment to responsible social and environmental management, according to a review performed by specialists in the areas of environmental law, administration, financial management, environmental management, and biology. Selective collection: proper separation and collection of waste directly at the generating source. Recyclable materials: we use recyclable materials and encourage consumers to recycle empty packaging. Recycling packaging: partnership with Ecofour, which transforms disposable items into utensils and furniture. Clear Air Formulas: our products do not contain ingredients that destroy the ozone layer.