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Inoar is inspired by you: our consumers, customers, distributors and employees. We create products that align with our collective values. We believe that our company, Inoar, is a living organism, with a dynamic set of relationships. Its value and longevity are tied to its ability to contribute to the evolution of society, environmental care, respect for animals and sustainable development.


We create innovative products, treatments and services that promote well-being and satisfaction, with a commitment to the highest quality, effectiveness, safety and socio-environmental responsibility, and at a price that is affordable for all our customers.


To be a globally respected and recognized benchmark brand in cosmetics, favoured by consumers and beauty professionals, by providing access to innovative professional products and services that foster satisfaction and well-being for people, at a great price point.


We believe in: Respect for life, Respect for the individual and diversity, Integrity and strict ethical standards, Transparency, Honesty, Credibility, Quality, Leading by example at all levels, Entrepreneurial spirit, Boldness, Innovation, Sustainable growth, Socio-environmental responsibility.

We have three pillars that guide everything we do, all the products we develop and our working relationships between employees, suppliers, and consumers

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